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Taking a cue from the likes of BuzzFeed we present our own listicle that talks about 10 reasons why you should switch to El-MAVEN for your metabolomic analyses now!

1. Free and open-source

El-MAVEN is free to use, for everyone. You can even contribute to it by coding on our Github page.

2. All mass spec data encompassing

El-MAVEN is a very versatile software that can process both MS and MS/MS data (MRM, DDA, and DIA) from liquid and gaseous chromatographs for untargeted, targeted and isotopic methods.

3. Vendor-neutral

El-MAVEN can process data from all possible mass spec machines out there, thanks to its vendor-neutral input formats such as MZXML and MZML

4. Process terabytes of data

El-MAVEN can process TBs of mass spec data without crashing. This is a desperate need of the hour as we move towards more data-intensive methods such as data-dependent (DDA) and data-independent acquisition (DIA).

5. 5X faster with HALF the processing power

El-MAVEN has proven to process peaks 5 times faster than its predecessor MAVEN and that too at half the processing power.

6. Prescribed by Springer Nature

Springer Nature (MIMB)

El-MAVEN has been featured as a chapter in High Throughput Metabolomics (Methods in Molecular Biology) published by Springer Nature for its ability to process mass spec data in a fast and robust manner.

7. Smarter peak curation with a 90% accurate ML model

El-MAVEN‘s inbuilt machine learning model can segregate good peaks from bad peaks in seconds, with 90% accuracy. This has been compared to a manual curation done by an expert over a few days.

El-MAVEN offers smarter peak curation with a 90% accurate ML model
El-MAVEN offers smarter peak curation with a 90% accurate ML model

8. Smarter UI and UX

When redesigning El-MAVEN, we not only made it more stable and faster but, also improved the user experience and user interaction to get a simpler peak curation experience.

9. 100+ people use it on a weekly basis

El-MAVEN has been widely adopted by the community with 2000+ downloads within 18 months since its launch and 100+ people using it on a weekly basis. These numbers are growing constantly.

10. Integrated to Polly

Polly is a customizable cloud platform for ingEstion, Processing, Interpretation, and Collaboration of Biomedical data. Read about this EPIC framework.

El-MAVEN Polly integration allows users to perform flux analysis, absolute quantification, pathway visualizations and integrative omics with just one click from El-MAVEN itself.

We believe El-MAVEN is the best metabolomics tool out there. Prove us wrong!

Download El-MAVEN and comment below if you think otherwise.

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